Newark Air Museum

Dear Readers,

Last month I went for a grand day out with some friends from the Lincoln Steampunk Society who we met through attending their weekly meet ups at The Victoria pub on a Wednesday night. While Indi and I are not steampunk, but do dabble in the dieselpunk, we were still welcomed with open arms to the group and we feel it is the best thing we have ever done to meet such wonderful and like minded people. Our events are not just limited to meeting down the pub and recently we have been on a couple of excursions with them. I thought I would share a few pictures from our trip out to Newark Air Museum with you.
It was a beautiful day and I was a tad warm in my outfit but my Aviatrix outfit was perfect for the occasion.

There was so much to see and do here, you really do feel like you get your money's worth. If I had to choose a favourite it would be this one but there were so many that I could easily fill this whole post with nothing but pictures of planes.

We were very lucky in that we had our own personal tour guide as Mr Smut has previously volunteered at the museum so was very knowledgeable and he really made the day great for us!

We did turn quite a few heads as we made our way around the museum and we were even asked for a photograph by the museum staff so we got to get really close to some of the exhibits.

We had no idea it was going to happen but the Dakota from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight also did a fly past and we waved frantically at them.

There were so many exhibits you could explore and climb into and I absolutely love this picture with Ben in the background. Also just want to make a note of how amazingly well behaved my hair was that day which never usually happens!

This cockpit was so ridiculously cramped and difficult to get in to that it was quite funny but as soon as I was in I just wanted to get out again because it was hot, humid, and really claustrophobic.

It was a busy, hot, and fun day so at the end of it all I got home, put some Foyle's War on, and had some tea and cake. A perfect way to end a perfect day!


Crich Tramway Village 2016

Dear Readers,

Suddenly! As if from nowhere spring appeared, then quickly retreated again! But the clocks have changed so officially it is British Summer Time so after a long, old winter the days are now longer, the sun has warmth to it again, and there's so much promise of the year to come. The daffodils bobbing their bright faces around makes me so happy and finally I feel like I can shed my winter cocoon. Also you get a Bank Holiday at this time of year too which makes nearly everyone really happy. Easter Bank Holiday means mainly two things in our household; eat loads of chocolate weekend and the first 1940's weekend of the year!

Twice a year, in April and August, Crich Tramway Village hold a 1940's weekend within the museum. We went again this year for the Easter one since we enjoyed it so much last year. If you haven't been Crich is a museum filled with trams some of which you can ride up and down. When you pay at the door you are given your national identity card and an old penny so you have everything you need for when the conductor comes round! It's not huge but we find there's plenty to keep us occupied all day and the pub is beautiful. We appreciate a good pub in this family!

This year we went along with friends Mike, Rachael, and Billy. It's always nice to go along with other folks and I must admit I got rather giddy; zip line brolly jousting anyone? That was until we were watching some singing and one of the singers had a roving microphone. I find roving microphones incredibly sobering; it's a very British affliction.

Crich is a great event and really gets me excited for all the other events the year has in store. I told Indi I'm already excited for Pickering but we have quite a few other things happening before then, like getting married, so I shouldn't wish my time away! Here's a few pictures Billy took from the day. Isn't Rachael an absolute Betty?

I hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends. Did you do anything you enjoyed? What are you looking forward to most this summer? Thanks for stopping by and a big thank you to Billy for letting me use his photographs. He's really rather good!


The Pro's and Con's of Reproduction Vintage

Dear Readers,

How are we all today? Full of the joys of spring? I am not, I currently have a stinking cold. And while I was shuffling around doing the laundry in my yoga pants and t-shirt (oh so glamorous I know!) I got to thinking about reproduction vintage. Now I have been accused of being a vintage snob in the past  (with regards reproduction vintage) but I really don't believe this term applies to me so I have weighed up the positives and negatives of purchasing reproduction vintage clothing. I'm fussy, yes. Passionate about vintage, certainly! But a snob, never.

Dress from the Seamstress of Bloosbury
Ease of use - do you know how often I do hand washing? About every 6 months so I have a number of clothes which are pretty much never worn and only gazed at adoringly. During those times I have done the hand washing I have pondered quite what a marvellous invention of women's liberation the washing machine actually is. So to be able to gad about, do what I like, be as clumsy as I am want to be, and still be able to lob my frock in the washing machine is a great boon in my eyes. Modern fabrics are very easy to keep and clean.

Preserving the past - as previously mentioned I am clumsy and so very often something will happen to my frock to cause damage or destruction and to do that to a garment which managed to survive 60 or more years before I got my mitts on it is true vandalism. I hate the thought of destroying that history, that past, everything that garment was and meant. Also if I do destroy my dress then it is more easily replaced than true vintage.

Choice and variety - certainly folks back in't day were much smaller than we are now. This is a statistical fact. Therefore I find it difficult to get my ankle into some dresses let alone the rest of me. Having the choice of sizes certainly makes life easier and I feel more inclusive.
Dress from Heyday! vintage clothing

Cost - one thing that has niggled me about reproduction vintage in the past is the price because "how much" is something I find I actually exclaim from time to time. I do like my bargains. So to find that sometimes a reproduction dress costs the same or more than buying true vintage puts me off somewhat. Though I will say that since the companies producing reproduction are often small, local, businesses they have bigger overheads and do not have the advantage of economies of scale.

Quality - all I will say is "Primark finishing" is not going to cut it on a dress I am shelling out £80 for.

Individuality - one of the main reasons I turned to vintage in the first place many moons ago was because I wanted to look different so to wear the exact same outfit that 80% of everyone else at the event also has feels like it's going against that. To some degree as well it feels to me like there is a blurring of the eras and styles and it's almost changing history or skewing people's perceptions and I'm not happy with that. I feel that there is almost a bit of an obligation to get it right, to honour the past and remember things as they were.

Oh blimey I think I'd better stop there as I am in danger of going into a completely different conversation all together! Those are my feelings of reproduction vintage for better and worse. I would never judge anyone for wearing reproduction and I myself wear it often for the reasons I have given above. But I do still love my true vintage!

What are your thoughts? Do you wear reproduction or are you true vintage right down to your knick knocks?


Awesome Events For Your Diary - January 2016

Dear Readers,

How is 2016 treating you so far? If you're anything like me and Mr VL then you'll be just itching to get back to some of the vintage events which are so frequent during the summer. Happily though there are a few events on the horizon, this month and the next, which can quell your appetite for vintage be that shopping, dancing or partying. I was very happy to realise that there are a couple of events coming up next week and I thought I would share them with you all and get back to my what's on posts. These events are correct at time of publishing and have found out about them via various sources on the internet please go to the events directly for further information and tickets so as to avoid disappointment.

30th January 2016
1940s Ladies Evening, Woodhall Spa

This Saturday the great folks who organise the 1940's weekend in Woodhall Spa are putting on a Ladies Evening to raise funds for the weekend which costs thousands each year to put on. They have put this event on before but this is the first time I will be able to attend. I'm really looking forward to going and I think it's really good value for money considering how much you get for the price of a ticket.

30th January 2016
The January Jive, Baston

Down at Baston, near Bourne, they are also having a 1940's evening to raise funds for their 40's weekend too. I've been to their 1940's weekend a couple of times before and it has always been fun and friendly. The January Jive is taking place at The Baskervilles Hotel in Baston. They have a live singer, Rachel Bea, and also dance music put on by The Blitz Dancers. At only £6 a ticket it sounds like it's going to be a great night. For enquiries call 01778 561148. To find out more about their 40's weekend pop over to their website

It all seems to be happening this Saturday but sadly I haven't mastered being in two places at once and so I have had to choose which I will be going to. Since I love Woodhall Spa 1940's weekend, it's close, and some friends are going the Ladies' Evening was the best choice for me.

What are your plans for next weekend folks? Will you be going to either of the events above? Perhaps you know of an event I haven't mentioned? I'd love to know!


New to Seamed Stockings? Here's My Delightful Review!

Dear Readers,

For the past few months I've been going a little mad on vintage inspired undies as I wanted to get the shape correct for wearing my dresses with. A while back I bought myself a rather lovely corselette from House Of Satin which comes with suspender straps. Unfortunately I haven't wore it at all because I don't actually own any stockings. I know, gasps of shock and horror. I did own some hold ups with black seams a while ago which I got from Primark but after they all laddered I never replaced them. Even though in the 1940's bare legs just wasn't done I still don't mind because deep down I'm a practical kind of gal. I like to be able to march around and not be worrying if my stocking are going to snag on something.

It is one of those things, however, that just completes the look and I can't wear my corselette without them. So began my search for seamed stockings. In my search, well a quick google, I came across UK Tights which is apparently the Earth's biggest hosiery store so I was pretty hopeful to find something and find something I did. In the end I bought four different pairs of stockings ranging from £1.50 to £15.99.

I spent the grand total of £25.98 plus £1.95 for postage and packaging. I was pretty pleased with the cost of P&P and even happier when my order arrived the next day, snappy delivery earns big brownie points in my book.

Silky - Smooth Knit Stockings

If I'm totally honest I bought these out of pure curiosity even though they are seam free. For £1.50 I thought to myself what the heck, in the basket they go. They are soft, sheer, and apparently durable. I like the light matt colour as I'm not very tanned so need pale stockings and I also really don't like glossy stockings on me so matt is good. These come in one size which fills me with scepticism as one size fits all generally fits nobody. I do approve that they were made in the UK and they are 100% nylon.
Upon wearing them I found they hadn't lied about the softness. They feel lovely on my legs and were thicker than my other stockings which I like for winter. Also I was mighty impressed with their durability as I climbed onto a stone bridge wearing these and they didn't snag once. The one size fits all thing was a bit of an issue as I do have short legs so there was a small amount of gathering at the ankle but not as much as I was expecting which was a very pleasant surprise. All in all I was impressed especially considering the price and feel it was worth what I paid though they were more of an experiment and I'm not sure I would buy them again since they do not have a seam.

Pretty Legs - Back Seam Stockings

Another low price which I am a fan of and these come in a range of sizes so fingers crossed they have a good fit. These are nude with a black seam so these would be better for 1950s outfits rather than 40s. Despite not being terribly period accurate I do like black seamed stockings as I feel they are more dramatic and I believe them to be more slimming since the seam is so noticeable it draws the eye downward. These come with a Cuban heel which is my preferred heel also. Again these are also made in the UK and are 95% nylon and 5% lycra.
I wore these to on the Friday of Pickering War Weekend as I wanted to save my nude seams for later. I found these to be very lovely and definitely worth the price I paid for them. The tops are soft and stayed up well; also the fit was very good which was pleasing for my short legs. I also liked how pale they were since "American Tan" really doesn't suit me; orange legs and pale everywhere else looks a tad comical! I would buy these again as more of my day to day stockings since they are so reasonably priced.

Leg Avenue - Sheer Backseam Stockings

These are nude with a nude seam also so good for wearing with 1940's outfits. Unfortunately these again are one size fits all and there's no mention as to the style of heel. These are not made in the UK but are 100% nylon.
As it turns out the back seam on these was nude and the packet didn't specify heel type because there was none. The seam went down the leg and then kind of just stopped at the foot which I did not like. Also they are very thin and coupled with the one size fits no one issue I did find that they gathered at my ankle a bit. In the interest of full disclosure dear readers I have to tell you that I would not buy these again as I liked the feel of Pretty Legs ones more and they are cheaper.

Gio - Classic Fully Fashioned Stockings

The price shoots up when they become fully fashioned but blimey they are luxurious. These are fashioned by hand in Derbyshire, UK, and are made from 100% nylon. They also come in a variety of sizes for a good fit. I've never bought stockings in these sizes before so I checked the charts beforehand. This pair have point heels but I won't hold that against them.
I used to think that fully fashioned stockings was one of those things that vintage people wore in order to be period accurate and not because they actually like them. Used to being important in that sentence. As soon as I got them out of the packet, and carefully put them on following instructions from a 1940s video, I knew why ladies rave about wearing fully fashioned's. Blimey I feel so glamorous when I put them on though you do have to be mighty careful with them which I feel is some of the fun. They do have a slight shine but I didn't mind this. I think I would buy a slightly smaller size next time as they were a teeny bit loose on the ankle but they do feel just amazing clinging to your calves. I was impressed at how durable they were ultimately when I was wearing them. I didn't climb onto any bridges in them but I did think they would be a wear once kind of thing, however, I'm impressed that they have not snagged thus far.

I hope this has been helpful or at least interesting for you all and I have to say it was rather fun to experiment and try out lots of different types of stockings. I would also like to let you know that I purchased these items myself and so my thoughts are all my own. I have not been paid or received anything from Tights UK to write this specific post.

What are your thoughts on stocking readers? Do they complete the look or are they an annoyance you can do without? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!


What's On - September 2015

Howdy doody folks!

How are we all today? I'm still coming down from the fantastic Steampunk Festival which was last Bank Holiday weekend and I'm eagerly awaiting my negatives to be processed and returned to me so that I can share with you some of my black and white photos which I took while there; well that's if they are any good! There's still so many events to look forward too and at this time of year it's very hectic with one thing going on after another which I love. We have just booked your camping tickets for Pickering War Weekend which is in October and we are staying over in my parent's vintage caravan. Anyway I'm jumping ahead of myself there because I'm meant to be telling you about what is going on in September!

5th - 6th September 2015
Kustom Kulture Blast Off
This is the 6th year that Kustom Kulture Blast Off is happening but the first year it will be held at the Showground in Lincoln having moved from it's original home at the Springfields Centre in Spalding. I remember going to this about five years ago with my parents and it was one of the first events I went to. We had a great time and I loved the friendly atmosphere, great music, and mixture of all different aspects of kustom kulture. There's cars, music, art, tattoos, bands, and shopping! I can't wait to see what they have in store this year at the larger event site.

13th September 2015
Louth Victorian Market
I will be attending the Victorian Market in Louth for the first time this year and I will be taking part in a Suffragette March. If you know me then you will know that I hold strong views on feminism and take pride in associating myself with that label. We shall be marching through Louth with placards, leaflets, and politely requesting women's suffrage and then after we shall meet in the park to hold a hunger strike during which no picnic shall be consumed. None. Nothing. Not even a Bakewell tart!
For more information go to the facebook page here.

19th - 20th September 2015
Wimpole at War 1940's Weekend
Wimpole is a hall, gardens and working farm so when they hold their 1940's you get a real sense of what the estate would have been like during that time. We have never been to this event and we won't be able to make it this year either but it sounds so good I'd really love to give it a go one year. As it is in Cambridgeshire it is out of my local borders but fear not it is possible for me to leave Lincolnshire, it happens occassionally, and we could stay with Indi's folks to make travel easier. At the event they have musical entertainment, military and civilian living history displays, arena displays, vehicles, a Home Guard drill which you can take part in if you wish, "Winston Churchill" will be visiting, information on the Dam Busters raid, wartime food, rationing and farming, and also a '40s market. In the evening there is a dance but this is a ticketed event. I really want to go now I have seen everything that's going on!
For more information go to their site here.

19th September 2015
Lincoln's Affordable Vintage Fair, The Engine Shed
A couple vintage fairs are held at the Engine Shed throughout the year and we have been to a few of them. This is a wide and eclectic mix of vintage so it's great if you like all sorts of eras including *shudders* the 90's. Though I remember the 90's so is it really vintage? They have music and a pop up tea room and hairdressers.
There is more information on the facebook page here.

20th September 2015
Beginner's Balboa Workshop
I have no idea why I'm so excited about this but I am so there! The reason I'm perplexed by my excitement is that I am not a natural dancer and indeed Indi and I really hate dancing I'm afraid. But this workshop is being taught by Mike and Rachael, of Finch and Ginger, who run regular jive dance classes here in Lincoln so I'm hopeful that if anyone can get me dancing it must be those two!
For more information see the facebook page here.

Have you been to any events yet this summer? Perhaps you have something lined up which you are bursting with excitement about? Let me know what you have been up to!


Some Quick Ideas for 1940's Styling

Dear Readers,

With the 1940s event coming up here in Lincoln this Sunday I was recently asked by a friend for some tips on what they can do to dress in a 1940's style for the event and push the boat out a little bit. Now with this being a one off event for them I want to be able to suggest items and looks which nod towards the 1940s style but we're not going for an actual period accurate or true vintage outfit since that would be more of an investment and something I would suggest if they were planning on going to a number of events. So I thought I would share my tips and advice with you all as well in case anyone else was wondering what they could wear for the event.

What I wear is my actual personal style and I do mix eras and styles up a bit, as anyone would, to achieve my look and not a costume. I wear a mixture of actual vintage, vintage reproduction and vintage inspired items as described by Jessica of Chronically Vintage. I felt that her video explained the look really well and so have a watch here because I couldn't say it any better.

Clothes - I would recommend wearing a dress if you are happy to show a bit of leg as they are just so easy to wear. There's no worry with trying to match separates and you can just pop it on and you are done; I love wearing dresses for this reason since I'm a very lazy vintage lady. During the 1980's there was quite a revival of 1940's fashion influence so get routing to the back of that wardrobe and see if you have any gems you can style up to look 40's, think tea dresses and shirt-waisters. You can also find some real bargains in the charity shops too if you keep your eye out for dresses with that classic style. I could totally imagine the 1940's dresses on the below also being created in the 1980's and yet this image is from a Sears catalogue from 1943!
Image source:
Shoes - of course footwear is also important if you're going to an event. When I'm choosing what shoes to wear to a vintage event I always bear in mind the terrain where the event is held. This weekend we are going to Ramsey War Weekend which is predominantly held in a field so I'm going to be wearing a low heel shoe with a strap. I will admit that sometimes I even just wear black pumps from the high street if the ground if particularly difficult to walk on in heels. I like to enjoy the events I'm going to and don't want to be fearing I'll fall and break my ankle. At an event like the one in Lincoln this weekend I would wear a heel with a wide base and just go for a classic court shoe. You could also go for brogues as there are a lot of them around at the moment so you can pick them up quite inexpensively.
Image source:

Accessories - some of this topic crosses over into hair because for me flower hair clips are an outfit maker. They don't just change the game folks; they re-write the rule book and create net-ugby (a cross between netball and rugby). Well maybe I was going a little too far there but I seriously love my hair flowers. You can pick these up from all over and my favourite place is Claire's Accessories. A handbag is also important so you can stash you lipstick, purse, mobile phone *gasp!*. Go for a classic black Kelly bag and you can't go wrong. Again you can pick these up in lots of charity shops and The Attic, which is a part of the St Barnabas charity shop, on the hill is really good for bags. If you like a bit of jewellery then a set of pearls is as classic as it gets and these can be picked up all over too.

Make up and hair - if there is one area I would highly encourage anyone to go all out on then it would be hair and make-up since this can turn a high street outfit into a vintage inspired master piece for relatively little money, just some lipstick and bobby pins! There are oodles of websites and you tube tutorials out there offering step my step advice on how to achieve these looks and it's where I have amassed all of my knowledge and skills from. My favourite channels are Lisa Freemont Street and The Cherry Dollface as they provide a great range of tutorials for both hair and make up styles. Again Claire's Accessories is really handy and they have all sorts of gadgets to help you achieve looks like the Heidi Roll which I love and use all of the time. Below are some hair accessories and gadgets I picked up at H&M and Claire's recently. If you're just starting to try out a 1940's look then the bare minimum you have to do is curl your hair and put on some of that important lipstick. My favourite low cost lippy is from MUA and you can read about it here. Don't forget to put some all important flowers in your hair too!

I hope this helps some people to get inspired and take part in the fun of dressing up for the event this weekend. I apologise that I didn't post this sooner but I have been very distracted lately. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!